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Johnny TooNice - vocals, guitar, trombone, cello
Cherelle TooNice - vocals, cowbell, tamborine
Tiny TooNice - vocals, drums, congas, djembe, kazoo
Leroy TooNice - lead guitar
The Savage TooNice - bass
The Dood TooNice - saxophone

TooNice - A Perfect World.jpg
  TooNice - Quatre-Vingt (2020)        (Johnny,Tiny,Cherelle,Savage,Leroy&theDood)
TooNice - A Perfect World (2016)
TwoNice Logo.jpg
TwoNice - Acoustic Roots - A - (2016)                                      (Johnny & Tiny)
TwoNice - Acoustic Roots - B - (2016)                                        (Johnny & Tiny)
TooNice - Change/Reggasm - (2013)                        (Johnny,Cherelle,Ryan,Skip&Shoogs)


"I don't care what socOiety thinks of me

stolen all my creativity

I fear for my looks rather than

to think about my beating heart"

-SocOiety by TooNice

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